Quantum Life Coaching What is it?

Quantum Life Coaching is freedom! Using powerful simple techniques  to release limiting beliefs that can hold you back from reaching goals and living a joyous life. I discovered these techniques through a training program as well as energy healing mastery programs. These techniques helped heal me from many fears, self doubt and anxiety. I still use these techniques today.

These easy  techniques  can be used to deal with deeply buried emotions, and beliefs that have been embedded in you. These techniques use affirmations as well as a type of energy healing using your chakras.  Quantum Life Coaching will take work on your part to dig deep to discover what its time to let go of and replace with new positive beliefs. Once you learn the simple techniques you can easily decode many blocks and limiting beliefs and code a new belief system.  During a session I will use energetic guidance and the quantum techniques to develop affirmations and an easy to follow process for you to practice daily. It is suggested to have 3 sessions in 4 months. This will ensure change. Please contact me for details.

Sessions are 1 hour each

Cost $125

3 sessions for $325

Spirit connections and energy healing

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