Spirit connections and energy healing

Past Life

Hypnotherapy: Uses  hypnosis to help the mind pinpoint the root of many issues. Before our session we will discuss your goals for the hypnosis. I begin the session with a relaxation, going through present life memories releasing any unwanted emotion. Then I will take you back even further, discovering the root of many blocks. Next connecting with the higher self to receive guidance and messages. All hypnosis is self hypnosis.

We can bring many fears, phobias health issues and talents and hobbies from past lives. There may be times throughout your life that you have memories or dreams of other times and places in the world. Maybe you have a very strong connection to certain people in your life or strangers you just met. Or just the opposite you may not like certain people or places for no reason, just the feelings of "something about them" just doesn't sit right with you.

I have always had an interest in psychic and spiritual world. I've had many experiences throughout my life that have been connected to past lives. I am a certified hypnotherapist specializing in past life. I offer many techniques that help my clients bring awareness to the root of the blocks in their lives and heal from them. This may not be an over night fix but with the right tools can bring peace.

I offer two options to learn more about the lives you lived. Each can be used to discover and experience a past life, learn hobbies, talents, life purpose as well as clear blocks fears, phobias, relationship issues and health issues. You will just need an open mind and heart ready to heal and let go. You will also have to have some experience with meditation or have had a hypnosis session. 

Past Life Discovery: This session last for about an hour. During the session we will discuss any blocks or issues you have been having. I will take you through a series of simple techniques to receive guidance on how to best clear the energy. This session can also be used to discover life purpose or maybe a new direction in your present life. This is not a hypnosis session. 

Cost: $150

Past Life Regression: This session uses hypnosis to take you through a past life. During this session you will connect with your higher self guiding you through any healing that may be needed as well as guidance that will help in the best way in your present life. Each session is about 1.5-2 hours.

Cost: $200

Past life sessions are phone or skype only. I have many sessions with clients all over the world. Please call to schedule. 513.227.6231

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