Spirit connections and energy healing

Quick Guidance to a specific questions: This meditation is intended to give guidance on a specific question or issue. It will take you through a relaxation connecting with the higher self where you can receive answers to a question or an issue. Please think about what you'd like information about before starting the meditation. Background music is Angel of Love by Thaddeus used with permission

9 minutes cost is $3.33


Meditation Downloads vary in time. Some will start with a relaxation next going through a visualization.  The music in each meditation is by Thaddeus. Each meditation will state which music piece was used. I have permission to use the music for each meditation. Please do not resale or use on youtube or any other site. The purpose of each meditation is to help on your spiritual journey for the highest and best good. I can also record unique meditations for clients that are based on individual needs cost will vary by time.

Many blessings to you.

Copyright by Karen Lynn Sullivan 

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Visualization: designed to practice using your senses I take you through a series of prompts with time in between. No music with this exercise. After the visualization write down your experience in a journal.

This exercise is 7 minutes long. Cost is $3.33

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