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Astrology/Tarot: For those interested in Astrology and Tarot cards, here you will find helpful information about the following:
•  Aspects
•  Basic Tarot Card Reading
•  Dispelling Some Common Myths About Astrology
•  Divination Spreads
•  Houses
•  Planets
•  The 12 Zodiac Signs
•  The Chart Wheel
•  The Major Arcana Cards
•  The Minor Arcana Cards
•  The Natal Chart
•  The Seven Basic Chakras
42 Pages Total. 
eBook Format: Adobe PDF

Dream Interpretation:
"Have You Ever Wondered What Your Dreams
Mean? If So, This Could Be The Most Exciting
thing You’ve Ever Read! Unlock The Power Of
Your Mind By Interpreting Your Dreams"

You Can Change Your Life Simply By Writing Down
What You Dream And Then Study What Your
Dream Images Are Trying To Tell You!

Believe it or not, your sub-conscious talks to you through your dream images. When you unlock the mystery of the dream world, you will gain an insight into yourself and your life that
you have never known!  “How to Interpret Your Dreams” will teach you how to open that knowledge and put it to use in your life.

This E-Book Provides A Wealth Of Information About
Your Dreams In One Neat Little Package!
61 pages pdf

Herbal Cures:
"It has so much information on natural cures that whatever you want to know you will get all the information you have ever needed in this ebook.

​"Discover the Natural Herbal Cures and Remedies used to treat Illness and Disease for Hundreds of years.... STOP Using unnecessary Drugs and Pills, and Learn the Natural Cures that are available to us all!"

"Learn the absolute truth about off-the-counter drugs" - and how they affect you and your family

"Learn the natural health concept" - hydrotherapy, herbalism, eclectic medicine and natural hygiene

"How you can use sugar and fat to your advantage" - instead of cutting them out of your diet

"The most important herbal supplements you should be adding your diet"

"Natural skin remedies to help your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated"

"Discover the precise nature and structure of a chemical in a herb"

"Learn how the Chinese combine their natural medicinal herbs"
72 pages pdf
I Have resale rights to all 3 ebooks description was taken from original website. These ebooks do not replace medical care. No refunds.


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Spirit connections and energy healing

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